How To Choose a Tourmaline Energy Bracelet

January 24, 2020

Tourmaline bracelet is a special accessory that has mineral inserts in its structure. According to manufacturers and conducted scientific research, tourmaline itself has a large number of positive properties. The action is the energy emitted by minerals, in some sources tourmaline is called electric stone. Each individual emitted stream of negatively charged particles reacts with the surrounding oxygen. A biofield is created that protects the human body, enters the body and nourishes the cells with energy. High-quality bracelet, which includes tourmaline also to useful properties, it has a stylish design.

In order to buy a tourmaline bracelet and not lose your money, you must first familiarize yourself with the brands that supply the best models. The malas bracelet is carefully checked and tested, undergo pre-sale training. All models of this production are thoroughly tested, their own design models are developed and prices are much lower than those of competitors.

Researchers from the research institute stated that "a 30-day wearing of an energy bracelet during intense training was accompanied by a powerful central reaction of the body to stress." It increases blood supply to muscle tissues, an increase in the aerobic abilities of the body. It also improves neuromuscular connections and blood flow in the small vessels of the muscles and it’s ranged from 27-60% in the subjects. The mobilization of central nervous system processes while wearing an energy bracelet clearly provoked an increase in the rate of muscle reaction.

It is characteristic that in the group, which was also subjected to daily exhausting loads, but at the same time wore “dummy” bracelets, the mobilization of the regulatory and energy systems of the body did not occur. There was a banal fatigue. It is clear that a bio magnetic device alone will not make a person either stronger or more flexible. However, its simple daily wearing can have a positive effect on processes in the body.

According to a study by specialists, wearing an energy bracelet caused the subjects to activate the autonomic nervous system of the body - an average of 30%. It contributed to the improvement of neuromuscular connections and blood flow in the small vessels of the muscles, stabilized blood pressure. It reduced the effects of asthenic syndrome with great physical and emotional stress.

The difference between real bracelets from a "fake"

The malas bracelets or original energy bracelet, the price of which is 990-3990 rubbles, has all the properties listed above. If the purchased accessory has a cost below 900 rubbles, then you should refuse such a purchase. The original tourmaline bracelet for men can also be distinguished by the external structure. The material itself should not have any external damage. In turn, fakes are made of plastic and have inserts from simple stones without cutting. The price is based on many factors:

Amount of tourmaline crystals

The quality of the bracelet used

Cost of delivery                                  

Packaging cost

Gap guarantee

People who are worried about their health have long purchased these bracelets. If you play sports or feel tired, then it will definitely help you. Of course, each person should have a tourmaline bracelet, the whole truth about which was presented above.

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