Types Of Bracelets and Types Of Weaving

February 04, 2020

There are a huge variety of charm bracelets, but they can all be conditionally divided into two types: hard and soft. Depending on the place where the bracelets are worn, they may be on the arm, forearm, hand, or foot.

Hard bracelets and their varieties: Hard jewellery on the arm also in turn has subtypes: hinged, closed, and springy or tennis. Let's consider them a little more in detail.

Hinged (tennis) jewellery on the arm is a structure consisting of a rigid part and a free, for comfortable use. The free part consists of a hinge and a lock, which is convenient for owners of a wide wrist. In some cases, a chain may be added to attach to the clutch or just for beauty.

A closed subtype is a gapless product that is a closed ring. Such charm bracelets is often worn in the warm season, combining with light dresses and skirts of various lengths. They make the arm more massive and fit a girl of fragile figure.

Spring-loaded (spiral) bracelets are distinguished by the fact that their shape is not difficult to slightly fit the size of the hand, simply by tightening or stretching it. Such products can be regulated and therefore, with the right selection of thickness and pattern, will suit ladies of any age and complexion.

Soft bracelets: There are no fewer soft bracelets; they can be divided into several groups: glider and chain.

The glider type of jewellery is different in that it consists of moving elements (gliders). Such links are connected by a hinge or spring system. To decorate such products can use inlaid with precious stones or original engraving.

The chain look of bracelets is the most popular among jewellery expert. Products from chains can be divided into two subgroups that emphasize the status of men and the sophisticated features of women. A large selection of charm bracelets can be divided into male and female.

Weaving men's bracelets

 Men's have a more status look. They look massive and often have huge weight. Traditionally, to the male, it is usual to quality weaving.

  • Bismarck (Kaiser, Cardinal): The main feature of such bracelets is the original intricate pattern with densely arranged elements. This twist is one of the most reliable and practical.
  • Anchor: This view, at first glance, is very simple, but it is not at all. The technology of perpendicular placement of links has its own characteristics. With such weaving, the elements can have a round or oval shape.

Women's weaving

Women's bracelets are more stylish, their links are thinner and they are not placed so tightly. Therefore, even massive ones, jewellery often do not have a lot of weight.

  • Nona: It is a wonderful type of whitewash in which links of different sizes are connected. At the same time, smaller ones are harmoniously woven into large ones, creating an original and noble look.
  • The fox tail (Boston, Byzantine, and Royal): This is a type of exquisite hand weaving in which elements are intertwined in an intricate pattern. Such weaving can be round, square or oval.

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