Beard Balm - Peppermint & Cedarwood



Natural oils and sealants condition and provide hold for shaping and styling, encourage growth and make your beard look thicker. Easy to scoop, easy to apply, moisturizing, yet not greasy. Unlike other balms which can end up a gritty, oily mess when putting to the test our balm travels well, holds up to the demands of your day.


No artificial stuff which may irritate your skin and damage hair. Beeswax, Argan Oil and Jojoba oil clear up dry skin, irritation, flaking and "beardruff" whilst the essential nutrients in Shea butter and Grapeseed oil moisturize and condition skin and hair, strengthening hair follicles, preventing oily skin and promoting growth.


This stuff is amazing and you don't need to apply a lot at all. It makes your beard lay down so that you don't have any wild hairs sticking out. This allows you to cut and trim it less allowing it to grow thicker so you can get a nice cut out of it when you do decide to shape it up."


  • Item Type: Beard Balm

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