Jade Facial Roller | Facial Body Eyes Neck Massager Tool Reduce Wrinkles Aging | Jade Roller for Face | Beauty Roller to Improve The Appearance of Your Skin, Provide Relaxation, Massage Your Face |


Hand-crafted Jade.

Regular massaging with this roller will help to drain puffiness and unwanted toxins, contour the face and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Our jade rollers can do wonders to enhance your beauty. It is great to help with puffiness relief, especially puffy eyes. This jade face roller is made from authentic jade stone. This jade facial roller is a great eye roller and lymphatic drainage massager. 100% authentic jade roller for face made from real jade acts as an excellent Ice massager for eye puffiness relief. In addition to the natural benefits of Jade this face roller massager can be left in the fridge. Your face will get additional lymphatic drainage with the cold jade as you are rolling it across your face.

It can be used also as a jade roller for body, cold face massager, and a face roller for puffiness. When used after applying serums and face oils, it helps to penetrate the product deeper into the skin. This anti aging jade roller also promotes blood circulation. It is small and light enough to carry with you on the go or to bring travelling. It supports natural collagen production, as it is a real jade roller made from authentic jade. It can also alleviate sinus pressure. Not only do all these benefits apply, the natural jade stone itself has been around for many years and has gained a reputation of creating harmony of the mind, body & spirit as well as creating emotional release and healing.

Use over masks and creams to increase product absorption.


Helps instantly contour and reduce puffiness.

Promotes lymphatic drainage.

Helps tighten and reduce the appearance of pores.

Provides a calming facial massage and cooling sensation for stress relief.

Minimizes appearance of dark under-eye circles.

How to Use:

Use wider end on face, neck and body. Narrow end is designed for use under and around the eye area. Can be used throughout the day as desired. Use after topical skincare application to maximize benefits.

Pro Tips:

Store your Jade Roller in the fridge to help keep puffiness at bay.

Due to natural variations in the stone, rach roller is individually unique in color and pattern.

How To Clean Your Roller:

To clean your Jade Roller, wipe gently with a damp cloth and towel dry after each use.