KZ S1 S1D TWS True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Dynamic/Hybrid Earbuds Touch Control Noise Cancelling Sport Headset


Advanced audio coding transmission technology: Professional audio quality comes from the dual protection of chip's blessing and AAC's advanced coding ability. AAC advanced audio coding and transmission technology are adopted to greatly improve the listening quality and bring natural and clear sound.



"Equipped with a "small steel gun" dynamic unit, you can feel the surging power and wide sound range to bring more infectious sound"


FAQs :

1.Why is the left and right headset switching unsuccessful?

Answer: When the headset is connected to the phone for the first time, the pairing prompt that pops up must be clicked, otherwise the left and right ears cannot be switched freely.

2.When using both ears, only one ear has sound?

Answer:The reason is that the paired headsets are not paired successfully. It is recommended to delete the Bluetooth pairing information and reconnect.

3. headset disconnected? 

Answer:The headset will be disconnected when it is out of the valid range of the device,and return to Bluetooth range within 3 minutes it will automatically reconnect.

4.Failed to pair with computer?

Answer:Please confirm whether the computer has Bluetooth function. If not, you can assemble a Bluetooth adapter with USB interface.




Bluetooth version :V5.0

Bluetooth Range : about 20m

Headset battery capacity:40mA

Battery capacity of charging compartment : 300mA

Headset operation time : ≈ 3H

Standby time of charging compartment : ≥ 100h

Headset weight :10g

Charging compartment weight :45g